Stream to LG TV

Stream to LG TV for Mac

  • Paid
  • In English
  • Version: 2.1.0

Cast media to your LG TV wirelessly with Stream to LG TV

Stream to LG TV makes it possible to wirelessly cast media to your LG TV without the need for any complicated applications or dongles. The app works well when streaming media like movies and pictures to the TV. All in all, this is a great application that can make your life much easier!


  • Application doesn’t require complicated pairing/setup procedures.
  • Clean user interface.
  • No need to convert file formats before streaming them.
  • Video quality is maintained when streaming.


  • Audio may lag behind the video in some circumstances.
  • App is not compatible with all devices.
  • No reverse/forward functionality available during video playback.
  • App is resource intensive.

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Stream to LG TV


Stream to LG TV 2.1.0 for Mac

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